BooksVirtual: Calling all Writers and book Worms!

BooksVirtual: Calling all Writers and book Worms!


BooksVirtual iPhone App Review

Are you a freelance writer waiting for an opportunity to have your work published? Or are you an avid reader who appreciates the talent and creativity that goes into writing some of the most compelling stories and books?

Let me introduce…Books Virtual.

Pros: Books virtual gives unpublished writers of all genres the opportunity to publish their books and stories through their iPad and iPhone application and also their website Writers can publish for free with no subscriptions fees or hidden costs, which is extremely beneficial for any aspiring writer. Readers can then comment and rate these books, giving writers an idea of their popularity and appeal.

Readers can also build an extensive range of books in their library, which are clearly organised into categories according to their genre. Readers can also share work that they particularly like, providing there are no copyright restrictions in place. This is an ideal app for all aspiring writers, allowing them a base from which to start their career or grab a publishing opportunity that they have been longing for. As a freelance writer myself, I strongly feel this is a fantastic and helpful app and will be strongly supporting its growth and development.

Future Developments: A useful recommendation could include the app expanding to include poetry, song writing, articles and reviews, with the option for publishers to contact the owners for a potential deal.



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