The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Blockchain PR

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Blockchain PR


In this radically changing technological environment, the word “disruptive” has become more and more ambiguous, also, harder to come by. However, blockchain has proved its power to change how the traditional financial system operates and beyond, thanks to successful ventures such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Despite much hype, nonetheless, especially over the past two years, this technology still remains mysterious to most, making it paramount for a lot of blockchain PR for any company in the industry.

Understanding blockchain technology

Blockchain is a type of computer system made up of “blocks”. The blocks form a chain in which they are connected through highly encrypted code. Therefore, blockchain is a set of computer code that can be used to represent a variety of things such as cryptocurrency or even a title deed.

A lot of people do not understand how the technology works, and how it can be leveraged to solve some of the issues we face in reality. Therefore, PR is essential for any company that runs on blockchain technology. You can read here for more about blockchain PR.

The Good of blockchain PR

Using a distributed ledger to manage transactions comes with many benefits, compared to the old financial system and marketers can use these advantages as a driving force for blockchain pr.

Blockchain is a trending topic

First, blockchain technology is one of the hottest topics right now in tech. This is because if it lives up to its potential, it could be adopted as an efficient system for streamlining online verification. This could be a game changer when it comes to trade where trust is the most important consideration. Even though how disruptive this technology remains to be seen, all the talk about blockchain and cryptocurrencies present a golden opportunity for marketers to conduct effective blockchain pr.

Strategic time for blockchain PR

In the modern world of today, things move so quickly such that start-ups can only forecast months or even weeks at a time. Blockchain is a fluid area and even the best tech journalists cannot be sure about which companies are likely to make it or which are just get-rich-quick plots. For those trying to conduct effective blockchain PR, this presents a great opportunity to apply all your skills and resources in building a credible brand and using your connections to position yourself in the right kinds of press.

The bad and ugly of blockchain PR

Everything good has some bad sides to it. Let’s see the bad and ugly of this new technology here.

Knowledge barrier

When considering how to deliver your blockchain PR message to the media outlet of your choice, it is crucial to keep in mind that not most people will be able to understand what you are saying, especially if you are using too much jargon. In fact, many of the journalists that you will be pitching to still do not understand enough about this relatively new industry yet.

As a result, it becomes difficult to deliver the message to journalists who in turn are supposed to pass the massage to your target audience. It is even harder is to find the right writer/s due to the same fact that this is a new space where not many people have much experience in.

Diverse target market

Generally, the target audience of any blockchain based company can be divided into two: Those who understand the technology and those who do not. The knowledgeable audience will most likely be a part of some type of community, whether it is enough time spent on the relevant subreddits or those who have already invested in some sort of ICO.

The second group will be newcomers who have heard about the technology but know pretty much nothing besides a few articles they read about the future of currency. This presents a challenge to blockchain start-ups since they must come up with a PR strategy that caters to both groups using different messages and different media channels.


There is an excellent side of blockchain public relations. This comes first because they’re handling a raging new technology that many people are fast adopting to. There are also many benefits of this technology. On the other hand, a few demerits are weighing it down. This means that a good public relations team should find a way to mitigate the issues so that they can succeed in their efforts.


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