3 Things Every Small Business Owner Needs To Know

3 Things Every Small Business Owner Needs To Know


Thanks to technology and the Internet we are all able to start a small business from our bedroom. We no longer need a physical shop when we have e-commerce. Thanks to companies like Wix, we are able to create our online business in a matter of minutes. However, that’s the easy part, running an online business can be very tricky.

What Working From Home Is Really Like

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Working from home does have many advantages. You don’t have to worry about that stinking cold when you can work from home in your pajamas. The downside is that you still have to work when you have that stinking cold. You can’t afford a sick day when you are the small business owner. Working from home can be a risky business. You also need to consider what happens when your business starts growing and growing. When is the right time to employ someone to help you? Running your own small business can feel really daunting and there will be many things and questions running through your mind. These are the 3 things that you need to make sure you know about when it comes to your business.

3 Things You Need To Know About Your Business

Hiring The Right Person

At some point you will need to hire people to help with your business. You will know when the time is right. It is crucial that you hire the right person for your business if it is to continue to flourish. You shouldn’t just hire the person who can talk the talk. An interview is never the whole picture. You also need to take into consideration their curriculum vitae and their references. Check that they have the skills required for the job. When you start employing people you will need to make yourself aware of the employment laws. This can seem incredibly daunting as the employment law can be incredibly complex. However, employment law services are just at the end of the phone call. They will be able to support you with day to day matters, like holiday and sickness recording. They will also be able to advise you on the trickier matters like grievance and discipline.

Delegation Is Your Friend

For your business to continue to grow, you need to be able to trust your employees. You will need to delegate some of your daily tasks. That way you will be able to concentrate on the more important jobs, and your business will continue to grow as a result. Letting your employees make some of the decisions will also make them feel involved and it will give them a sense of ownership, they will be an engaged member of your business.

Customer Service Needs To Be Spot On

The customer is always right. We need to make sure that our customer service is amazing. We need to bend over backwards. This is especially crucial in the age of social media. One tweet about our company could be seen by millions worldwide. If anyone does complain about your company on social media, don’t panic! You need to make sure that you respond and ask for them to drop you a DM so that you can discuss it further. It is never good form to ignore a complaint.

Keep these three things in mind when running your business and you will be helping your company become a success.


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