Get Ready to Unravel July’s Top 5 iPhone Apps

Get Ready to Unravel July’s Top 5 iPhone Apps


Get Ready to Unravel July’s Top 5 iPhone Apps

July is the month where people travel, move around, and spend quality time with the people they love for a rejuvenating break. This is because summer has finally arrived and people are busy planning their most awaited family trips to enjoy the heat of the sun. As you plan your grand holiday, there are certain things you need to remind yourself to do. Gearing up your iPhones with all the necessary applications you need is probably the smartest thing you can do before travelling. Here are the top five apps for July based on the number of shares on Facebook. You may download them now as its never too late. Here they are:

5 : My Vacation: A Better Way to Record Your Journeys My Vacation - Jasper Apps

Looking for a high definition vacation app? Not only does this application provides you with packing lists or photo organization, it is also well-rounded, sweeping in its scope, and surprisingly all-inclusive. It gives you a variety of functions in one little app. You start by giving your trip a title. Then you add the “Where” and “When” and whoosh! You’re ready to write a travelogue that includes your own text, maps, photos, videos, and audio recordings. What’s best about this app is that it also provides you with a list of things to remember like things to pack, things to do, and a category simply called “Notes”. What’s more exciting is that is has a “Publish” button where you can not only share memories via email or to popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but you can also send your trip to a Dropbox folder or another device, make photosets on Flickr, or even create a post on your travel blog, using Blogger or WordPress.

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4: Friends Events: We’re attending, are you? My Vacation - Jasper Apps

Friends Events iPhone App Review

Friends Events is just like Jim from The Apprentice; it does exactly what it says on the tin, showing you what events your friends are attending, where they are taking place and giving you the chance to RVSP right there and then. A simple yet effective concept, which funnily enough is not yet available when you log on to Facebook via the standard Iphone app. Using it couldn’t be simpler; just log on and the events are listed before your very eyes.

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3: Toothpict: Keep Your Smile Food Free Toothpict™- Food in Teeth Friend Helper & Tooth Mirror - Scotty Allen

Toothpict is an app that will save you the embarrassment of spending all day with a lump of green in my teeth, and save my work colleagues the awkwardness of having to point it out. There isn’t a lot to this but it is quite fun. It opens up to a set of teeth in the middle of the screen. You select the incriminating food and you will find that there are little icons to choose from. You may then place it in the teeth at the approximate spot where it is currently jammed in your friend’s mouth, and send it to them via text, email or twitter. They will then receive a notification informing them of the tooth jam and a link to the map you have so helpfully provided so they can easily locate and dislodge the item. It’s free, it’s fun to play around with and it has clearly been developed by someone with a sense of humor. The obvious pro is that this will potentially save you from embarrassing situations. Also, it’s simple, easy to use and free!

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2: SpeechTrans Ultimate: Speech recognition and language translationsSpeechTrans Ultimate For Hearing Impaired Powered By Nuance - SpeechTrans TM

SpeechTrans Ultimate is a fantastic translation app for communicating, learning new languages and for travel use. The app uses speech recognition technology to allow users to speak in their native language whilst the app outputs the correct translations in the alternative language, specified by the user. The app is also well suited for communicating via Facebook chat. This is a very helpful and convenient application for use whilst travelling. The app quickly and easily translates from one selected language to another, allowing users to effectively communicate whilst abroad. In addition, the app acts as a great assistance for learning new languages. As the translations are repeated back in both male and female voices, users can hear the correct way a sentence should be structured and spoken. The translations are very clear and offer 99% accuracy.

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1: VIP London: London Hotspots! VIP London - Lenford Gordon

VIP London is a fantastic app that allows users to search for all the exclusive clubs, bars and restaurants in London. The app uses your current location to search for the venues nearby or provides an extensive list of all the London hotspots. This app is easy to use and gets straight to the point; therefore it fulfills its purpose very well. It provides the user with all the essential information from each venue and allows the user to contact the venue by phone or email directly from the app. A picture of each venue is featured and the information is well presented in a clear and easy to read format.

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