Top Five iPad Apps That Conquered The Month of July

Top Five iPad Apps That Conquered The Month of July


Tiny Tower iPad App Review

Now that the summer sun has finally heralded itself into our daily routines, we can’t help but get in touch with Mother Nature and simply bask in the sun with our dear family and friends. If you are wondering what best electronic device you could bring along with you in case a hint of boredom comes your way, the answer is simple. Bring along your iPad wherever you go this summer. Here’s the top five iPad apps that conquered July, based on the number of Facebook shares. You will certainly find great use of each of them.

5: Pudding Panic: Who Wants Jelly And I-Scream? Pudding Panic HD - kunst-stoff GmbH

This is an original game with fantastic graphics and an adorable main character. The controls are very easy to pick up, they consist of manipulating parts of the train track by placing rails at junctions, (this is all done by a menu bar on the side of the screen) it’s a simple select and place function that works efficiently with the fast game play. Pudding Panic is a really interesting take on the puzzle/maze genre and with wonderfully spooky and amusing music and sound effects, 48 levels with the promise of more and a fantastic, wobbly jelly; this really is a charming game to play.

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4: FitRabbit: A Quick Way to a Healthy Lifestyle FitRabbit - FitRabbit

FitRabbit succeeds at making a very simple health app. The menu options are simply My Progress, Friends, and Prizes. My Progress is a feed of that day’s activity, which has both meal and exercise information. Adding this is very simple and self-explanatory. It allows connecting to Facebook to see your friends’ activity, which would be good motivation to continue living a healthy lifestyle. Prizes, which are basically achievements are offered as well, although there are only five.

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3: Easy Color: Easy Entertainment for the Youngest Users Easy Color - Nick Murray

Coloring books have a timeless attraction for children, and often for adults as well. With the Easy Color app, kids can enjoy coloring books on your iPad, this is also available on iPhone and iPod Touch. A few simple finger swipes, and the colorless puppy turns brown. Touch the arrow, and get a new picture. You can choose from a bird, a zebra, and many more. Designed for kids younger than three, the app has no menus, no internet connection requirement, and no choices. But of course remember that toddlers are usually rough with their toys. When you hand over your beloved iPad to Junior, make sure it has a screen protector and durable case.

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2: iJail: An Encyclopaedia Of UK Crime iJail - Joom Apps Ltd

iJail is an interesting app which serves as a possibly useful resource for anyone who either is contemplating a crime, happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time or someone studying law and not fussed on learning all the complicated stuff. This app is a stripped down version of common crimes and offenses in the UK, their definition, the punishment you would receive for the various degrees of severity and any mitigating factors which could help you get away with it. It covers and simplifies a lot of UK crimes, it is very easy to navigate and it provides nice bite-size chunks of info.

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1: Tiny Tower: A Skyscraper In Your Pocket! Tiny Tower - NimbleBit LLC

Tiny Tower is one of those games that you can’t resist playing. The aim of the game is to get ‘Bitizens’ to move into your tower block, by doing so you can then hire them to work at the various businesses that you create on different floors. Once you’ve got your businesses up and running you can make money off of them, then you’re able to create more floors, have more Bitizens move in and so the cycle continues. You keep earning money when you’re away from the game therefore there is always something to come back to. For a game that is free you can’t go wrong with Tiny Tower, it’s addictive, time consuming, humorous and incredibly cute.

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