Metronome Plus: A Must-Have Companion For Any Musician

Metronome Plus: A Must-Have Companion For Any Musician

Metronome Plus iPhone App Review
A Great App To Help You Keep The Beat

What does every aspiring musician need to overcome when learn an instrument? It’s The Click! It’s a truly terrifying moment when you book some time in a studio with the intention to record your first ever song, then you realise you have to play to that bastard click. As a drummer, it’s like an arch-enemy that you have to ‘learn to love’ when all you really wanna do is tell it to bugger off.

So how do you become the master of The Click? You get yourself a bloody good Metronome app! Oh, and look here, we just happen to have one! Metronome Plus is exactly what you want, simple and clear graphics, easy to use and it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Pros: It includes a fantastic option to ‘tap out’ a tempo onto the screen, this really helps when trying to figure out the tempo of already written songs. It also has really clear options for changing accents and subdivisions.

Cons: Only one small thing is missing which I really hope is included in the next update: a save option so once you’ve tapped out your tempo you can easily access it rather than having to tap it out again.

Any musician out there learning an instrument or any accomplished musicians in need of an updated, electronic metronome…this one’s for you.


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