Safari Party: In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle…

Safari Party: In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle…


Safari Party iPhone App Review

Do you like cute animated animals? Do you think you’re a master at matching symbols together whilst racing against the clock? Well if you do, then you might just fall in love with Safari Party.

This app is almost sickeningly sweet when it comes to cutesy animals. What you must do is move the desired animal around from one position in a grid to another either by moving it vertically or horizontally (up and down or side to side). If you pick wisely the rotated pair will stay in place, if you do it wrong then it will revert to how it was originally. This may not sound too bad, but when you’re racing the clock, every error can cost you valuable time and potentially the game.

Rather than matching three of a kind, you must try to get four or more of the same kind together before triggering the shot (tapping the desired group) and with that, you’re rewarded with an increased score, more time and clearing the grid of the animals in one.

In terms of entertainment, this is definitely like mental chewing gum and something you can pick up and play easily and put down whenever you fancy. It’s very playable, as these sorts of games are and it tests your recognition speed and logical problem solving skills.

There’s enough variations of the theme to keep it fresh and enjoyable for longer. If you just want a relaxing game then you can unlock Zen mode, prefer frantic action then speed mode is available and so on and so forth.

This game is certainly quite a timeless classic and one of the better examples of this type on the market. The only drawback I found was that with some animals colours and features looking not too different to another, it can be incredibly difficult at a glance to tell the difference – which did make clearing some levels harder than others, but this is all part and parcel of the game and adds to the fun.


  • Hugely entertaining
  • Multiple modes to suit your gaming style
  • Easy to pick up and play


  • Some creature icons are very similar which could cause you to strain your eyes if playing for a while
  • A tad repetitive


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