GamerCal is an app that aims to ensure you never miss events...

GamerCal is an app that aims to ensure you never miss events in your favorite games ever again


Look, we’re all really busy. We’ve got a thousand things going on, and that means we sometimes forget things. That’s especially annoying when you forget about an event in one of your favorite mobile games, because it means you’re missing out on special items that other players are going to grab.

But you can stop fretting, because GamerCal is here to help. It’s an app that lets you keep track of the events that are going on in the games that are important to you. It’s easy to set up, and with just a few taps you’ll receive notifications that make sure you’re never missing out on anything ever again.

Best of all, the app is now completely free to use! A new update has gotten rid of the keys you used to have to buy to track your games. Now you can keep an eye on as many games as you want, and the list that GamerCal covers is sure to include your current favorite, be it Pokemon GO, Clash Royale, or dozens of the most popular games out there.

The new update has also added a menu that shows off popular games on the platform. It’s really simple to head to the App Store from the app so you can download them. GamerCal isn’t just about tracking games you love, it’s about finding new ones to add to your collection as well.

Right now GamerCal is only on the App Store, but Dev is always looking to the community for suggestions as to how it can improve the service it offers. So if one of your games isn’t listed, you want to see Android games covered, or you want to have access to GamerCal in the Google Play Store, drop an email to

GamerCal is also providing unique opportunities for influencers and game developers to promote themselves and engage their audiences – just get in touch with them at the same email address as above to learn more.

So go ahead and download GamerCal from the App Store now for free to make sure you never miss a single gem, weapon or special monster ever again. You have a lot to gain and nothing to lose!


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