Want To Boost SEO For Your App in 2017? Tips and Tricks

Want To Boost SEO For Your App in 2017? Tips and Tricks


Improve your SEO and make it flourish during 2017 by evaluating and working upon your strategy now.

Simple is always best, so your SEO strategy should not be overly complicated – here are some of the best ways to boost SEO this year that will improve your authority and increase your ranking and value.

Value addition

Your target audience should always get some kind of value from the content that you post. It should be relevant to them and reflect the fact that you know them and are able to cater to their interests. Quality of content and its usefulness to the reader will always ensure a higher ranking since it will be able to answer pertinent questions. Here are some of the ways by which you can enrich your content:

  1. Update existing content and conduct research to find different trending/hot topics
  2. Find out more about your target audience and their preferences – know more about the type of questions they are asking and the answers that you are able to provide.
  3. Timing is a major concern. Know at which particular point in time you would want to release your content as this will ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors.
  4. Expand your niche area and let your readers know that you’re fulfilling other related subjects as well.

Ease of browsing

Easy and smooth user experience is a critical factor for SEO. You should test it so that you know its impact on the traffic coming to your website. Since 93% of online experiences get started with a search, it’s essential to take a few steps to make sure that visitors have a smooth experience:

  1. Content should appeal to users and search engines alike i.e. factors like content being caught by crawlers and readability are critical
  2. Navigation should be made easy – right from the loading of the page to the last detail
  3. Page speed should be tested regularly and any element like heavy images and dated content should be removed

Enriching content

Search engines primarily focus on content and not on optimisation. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Keep an eye on keywords, site statistics, topics that are gaining more attention than the others and the type of content that your target audience is expecting
  2. Keep your ideas fresh and new as exciting reading material will positively impact your SEO rankings
  3. Since visual content is far more appealing, it’s important to not only optimise this type of content but make sure that you’re able to supplement it into the text as well.

A few other, small but important things, to keep in mind

  1. Attention-grabbing titles
  2. Adding metadata, alt text and keywords to all content
  3. Keeping within the ideal file size
  4. Unique, shareable content can also aid in boosting your SEO


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