Football on the TV: It does exactly what it says on the...

Football on the TV: It does exactly what it says on the Tin


Football on the TV iPhone App Review

Football on the TV is a fantastic website and serves no other purpose than well … displaying what football games are on the TV. Simple really. It’s only drawback stemmed from the fact that you still needed to spend time at a computer on the web to access the information and when so many people already get it as a byline on BBC Sport or Sky Sports it seems almost pointless.

But, the app solves all that unnecessary time wasting, by essentially cutting out the middle man (the world wide web) and giving you direct access to everything you needed to know in a neat little package.

Granted it’s features are limited but it certainly does the job. Aside from the obvious in being able to view every game on for any given day you can also favorite teams for quick easy access, view all games for a given channel (some of us can only afford ESPN) and finally a search section to search for matches by team, competition or date. All in all, it’s a bit like the RonsealWoodstain of the app world, in that it does exactly what it says on the tin … or in this case, the app store.

In truth it’s very hard to say a bad thing about the Football on the TV app purely because it does exactly what it has set out to do and it executes it’s mission statement with such precision. However, if we’re being picky we might argue that the developers should definitely not raise their asking price.

Currently the app is selling at £0.69 on the app store but with curtail that it is a limited “Pre-season price drop”, but with that said it’s difficult to see who would be willing to pay anything more, for something that essentially provides a shortcut to free information already available on the web.

Assuming the price of the app is kept low, it will do exceptionally well all year round, but get to greedy with the price and the developers might soon find they’ve scored a bit of an own goal by alienating potential buyers.



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