The Fact App: Know Your Stuff!

The Fact App: Know Your Stuff!


The Fact App iPhone App Review
An entertaining app you can’t go without. Actually, we’ll amend that statement to the following: this is an app you can’t go without, if you’re the one in your friendship group that retains nothing but useless facts and pointless waffle.

TheFactApp does what it says on the tin. A near endless supply of facts at your fingertips. Simply navigate back and forth through the facts with the directional tabs.

You can also claim supreme knowledge amongst your friends by submitting the fact as a status update to Facebook. After entering your credentials just once, it’s simply a button press away.

Keeping things fresh, the app changes its vibrant background colour with each fact, and they really stick in your head — we can’t help but think it’s the bright colours that really hammer home the facts.

But by far the most exciting thing, believe it or not, is the information this simple app holds. Ranging from nature to the ancient Greek language, you’re continually surprised by the multitude of topics.

Icebreakers for those all-too-frequent awkward gatherings, you’re never short of things to surprise and amaze. TheFactApp operates quickly and fluidly, with a beautiful ‘page-flick’ animation when you go back and forth between the facts.


The sheer mass of information packed into this app is incredible, while a very simple, clean layout helps you skim through the app at your own pace.


Unfortunately TheFactApp does not allow you to skip through facts precisely. You must repeatedly press the ‘next’ button to reach your previous fact. This lake of precision can make it very tedious when trying to find your favourite facts.


  • A killer app, with a lot of potential. TheFactApp receives a solid 3 and ½ stars, credit to it’s great content.
  • If the App offered a more intuitive interface, then it would make it easier to navigate and take this app up to 4 stars.
  • Overall we were very pleased with this app, and it’s a must have for anyone who’s prone to spouting facts.


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