Five College Hacks Every Good (or Bad) Student Needs to Know

Five College Hacks Every Good (or Bad) Student Needs to Know


College can be a rough time for many students. You’re getting turfed out of your family home, and forced to fend for yourself for probably the first time in your life; on top of that particular stress, there’s the whole matter of deciding on your career path and acing your chosen course, whatever it may be. Exams and assignments can pile up, and although college is an incredibly fun and explorative period, it can also be pretty wearing at times. Fear not! Introducing these five college hacks into your lifestyle can seriously ease the stress.

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Sit in the Front Row During Lectures

If you have trouble concentrating during lectures, sitting up the front can increase your productivity. You’ll feel more engaged, and be more wary of looking bored under the keen eye of the lecturer. You’ll be closer to any presentations going on too, making it easier to take notes. Overall, it’ll up your concentration, making it easier to retain what you’ve learned.

Call in the Cavalry for Essay Writing

Sometimes an assignment just seems too daunting, or it’s been left too late, and your back’s against the wall. It’s at times like these you need to call in reinforcements; your grades and GPA depend on it. Fortunately, we live in the digital age, where it’s extremely easy to send a proverbial flair into the void. Folks like Newton Essays have got you covered in this regard; they can whip you up a quality assignment in no time at all, even a matter of hours if you’re racing the clock.

Keep Your Room Tidy

If your room is tidy, your mind is tidy; at least that’s how the logic goes. The rest of your life can (and usually will be) a mess when it comes to college, but having a clean, tidy space to retire to every night can be a major benefit, especially mentally. If you’re sharing student accommodation with others, this can be particularly important; the cliches about student houses are often tragically true.

Do Assignments the Night You’re Given Them

This one can be a hard one to come to terms with, as procrastination is practically a student pastime. However, getting those pesky assignments out of the way the night or week you’re given them can have major benefits, both personally and socially. Those things hang over you like a dark cloud (unless you’re completely immune to pressure, which is not the case for many students); clearing your schedule of mounting projects can be extremely liberating.

Hang Out with People Who Inspire You

Every college in the world hosts a varied collection of ambitious go-getters and drug-fuelled deadbeats. Though the latter might look appealing when you’re eighteen, they won’t seem so hot when you’re twenty-five. Try and surround yourself with people who inspire you, and who can push you to greater heights. It’ll make you more ambitious and raise your achievement level, both very valuable attributes when you’re starting out on your career path.


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