Dragon Dictation – Would You Like a Secretary to Type Your SMS...

Dragon Dictation – Would You Like a Secretary to Type Your SMS Messages?

Dragon-dictation iphone app review
Dragon Dictation is like a secretary inside your iPhone!

Ever fancied having your own secretary to type your text messages for you on the move? Well now you can have just that – and she won’t talk back, ask for coffee breaks or make personal calls on your phone! This is Dragon Dictation 2.0 for the iPhone.

Software dictation is no longer the clunky, slow, error-ridden thing of the past. While you can’t expect Dragon to spell phrases like “globigerina ooze” correctly, it does a fantastic job with simple, straightforward speech. This is just perfect for texting, sending emails or updating your Facebook profile.

It couldn’t be easier to use – tap your Dragon icon, tap a pretty white and red button to record, dictate your message and hit “Done”. In a second or two, your text comes up nicely written, and you can tap once more to select one of the five output options – text, email, copy (copies the text to your iPhone clipboard), facebook or twitter. Hey presto – you’re done!

Dragon makes it easy to correct any errors – tap the offending word for a list of suggested corrections – or if necessary, you can tap the keyboard icon to edit your text manually. Another option – you can touch and drag to select a word or phrase, and then choose dictate a replacement.

The makers claim that it is “up to 5 times faster” than typing on your keyboard. Of course that depends on how fast an iPhone typist you are, but in any case, this app is super helpful if you want to be more productive on the run. And it’s good fun into the bargain!

App released 23rd November 2010, developed by Nuance Communications, Inc., £Free

Dragon Dictation - Nuance Communications



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