Want to be better at business? Lemonade Stand shows you how to...

Want to be better at business? Lemonade Stand shows you how to do it the fun way!


lemonoade stand iphone app review

Did you ever run a lemonade stand as a child?  No?  Well, you were missing out!  While you were off chasing girls, playing with your toys and generally misspending your youth, the real winners were toiling away behind a cardboard booth, squeezing the last of the summer’s lemons into buckets of sugar and charging passing punters 15 pence for a glass of warm, cloudy liquid that may or may not have contributed to a spate of childhood diabetes cases.  Rumour has it that this is how Richard Branson started Virgin in its fledgling years…

Well, now you have the opportunity to regain some lost childhood memories and make a little (virtual) cash along the way!  ‘Lemonade Stand’ is a fairly basic but very addictive new iPhone App that posits you, the gamer, as a young boy or girl with a makeshift lemonade stand who sells glasses of lemonade to the residents of Lemonville.  Based on weather reports from the daily newspaper ‘Lemonville Times’, you decide how many glasses of lemonade to make, how much to charge for them and how many ad signs to put up around the town.  The day’s takings are then reported in a Financial Report, which states a basic profit/loss account of how your bank balance, (or jam jar full of coppers), is looking.  You then receive your point score at the end of a 30-day period and log your name on a leader board.

Not only is ‘Lemonade Stand’ particularly addictive, it really does help you learn the basics of business; you utilize your assets and try to gauge how much to invest in which area whilst avoiding unnecessary wastage, (whilst making it home in time for tea!)  You can even play in ‘career mode’, where you can compete in the worldwide rankings for the number one lemonade stand!  So, all budding entrepreneurs should get downloading and become the next Alan Sugar!  (No pun intended…honestly.)

App Developer: Maverick Software LLC: Price £0.59/ $0.99

Lemonade Stand - Maverick Software LLC



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