FitRabbit: A Quick Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

FitRabbit: A Quick Way to a Healthy Lifestyle


FitRabbit iPad App Review

In this day and age, eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle can be challenging. The cheap food is extremely unhealthy, and we’re all to busy to exercise and have a healthy lifestyle. FitRabbit intends to change that.

FitRabbit succeeds at making a very simple health app. The menu options are simply My Progress, Friends, and Prizes. My Progress is a feed of that day’s activity, which has both meal and exercise information. Adding this is very simple and self-explanatory. It allows connecting to Facebook to see your friends’ activity, which would be good motivation to continue living a healthy lifestyle. Prizes, which are basically achievements are offered as well, although there are only five.

Although FitRabbit has the potential to be a quick and easy app to manage your healthy lifestyle, it falls short in several ways. The whole app feels like it was developed very quickly, due to the sense of incompleteness I got from using it. The prizes is no doubt the feature that makes it stand out, but with only five available, it’s quite disappointing.

Hopefully, updates of this app will bring more prizes and better Facebook connectivity. The app itself is pretty good, and I would suggest it for someone who is looking for only the basics in a healthy lifestyle app. For anyone who wants to have a detailed and feature-rich healthy lifestyle app, FitRabbit is currently not the app for you. Future updates, however, may bring more features and enhance the current ones.


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