One Man Army: A Very Cool Strategy Shoot ‘Em Up

One Man Army: A Very Cool Strategy Shoot ‘Em Up


One Man Army iPhone App Review

Itʼs the future. And the only thing standing between the last surviving members of the human race and hordes of rampaging mutants is you and an arsenal of high-tech weapons thatʼll turn said mutants into itty-bitty pieces.

Thatʼs the setting for One Man Army, a clever mix of tower defence strategy and tap-and-shoot survival game which seems well suited to the iPhone.

For those who arenʼt familiar with the TD format it goes a little something like this: brief tutorial, build defences, attacked by the slow and weak critters, attacked by stronger but still slow ones, attacked by fast but weak ones, then attacked by everything.

The mix of genres adds a bit of variation to this tried and tested formula, with the central character himself vulnerable to attack, and the ability to buy more and more devastating weapons.

There is also the welcome addition of regular checkpoints and end of level bosses,a variety of maps as well as the usual upgradable turrets to help you mow down the relentless attackers.

Unfortunately, as is often the case with fast paced app games, the controls can often be a little clunky at the crucial moments, and instead of shooting the mutant about to take a size-able bite out of you, you end up hitting the nearby wall because your finger is in the way.

While the developer has tried to solve this problem by creating an alternative system of aiming by tapping behind the your characterʼs position, it remains a bit of a problem.

Aside from this One Man Army is one of the better turret defence games available for iPhone and if you like the genre itʼs worth a download.



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