Create Reality: Reality Bites

Create Reality: Reality Bites


We Create Reality Vision Board iPhone App Review
Introduction: When you open the app you are greeted with this message:

“To focus your mind and manifest your desires……This playful app takes the feeling of fulfillment your successes bring you and places them into a scrolling Vision Board. Choose images, sounds, and text that inspire you! Then, when waiting in line or passing the time, open……and evoke happy feelings and thoughts as your Vision Board plays for you. Have fun with it!”

You then spend a few seconds getting your board started. To get started you can pick quotes, images, enter a title for the vision, add sound all from your phone or you can hut the online tab to find your creative resources.

As a creative type after reading that my artsy brain immediately thinks about mapping and storyboards. Thinking there will be photos with bubbles full of quotes.

This is not the case. The application is extremely limited in what it can do. When trying to load a photo and then add text, the photo disappears, leaving you with text. You cannot overlap. The interface is a bit awkward as well.

It appears to just be an app to make a quote and photo collection. That’s a little disappointing since there are millions of those types of apps.

Pros: I couldn’t find any.

Cons: It is no different than other quote and photo apps. Click, save, go back and look again.

Summary: Save your $2.99.


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