Enigmatic And Beautiful, Facility 47 Is Here To Seduce You

Enigmatic And Beautiful, Facility 47 Is Here To Seduce You


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Have you ever been stranded in a icy cellar with little hope of escape? Have you ever been the centrepiece of a tangled, epic mystery involving dangerous experiments, corrosive chemicals, and what seems to be a new Ice Age, where all you had to rely on was your wits and a few shreds of memory? I hope for your sake you haven’t, but if you have ever found yourself wishing you could play this type of game, then you’re in luck. The fearless developers at InertiaSoft have concocted Facility 47, a wicked puzzle game that looks absolutely gorgeous and sounds amazing. It’s seriously the full package, and one that is a shining beacon of light in the wasteland of modern mobile gaming, where mindless crap like Candy Crush reigns supreme. It could be the best thing since Snake. It’s also free and out now for iOS and Android.

It’s a bright, bold game. The first thing you notice is how good the graphics are. Though the screen doesn’t move around the facility location (each section of the lab is presented as a 2d tableau), the attention to detail is absolutely stunning. It’s simply a joy to look at. Rich colours and engaging, interesting locations make it hard to put down. You find yourself eager to get to explore the next area, just to see what kind of visuals the game will dazzle you with next (no, really, they are that good). But pretty visuals an awesome game do not make. How does she play?

I’m happy to report the gameplay matches the visuals when it comes to awesomeness. This is a really clever game that wants to challenge you and entertain you, which it does simultaneously a lot of the time. The gameplay takes the form of you investigating your surroundings and utilising nearby objects to solve the mystery lying at the heart of the story. For instance, you wake up inside a locked cell. The key is conveniently just outside the cell door, but, inconveniently, you can’t reach it. A little exploration will reveal you can break of the icy stalactites that hang above you. Armed with one of those, you can focus on the key and this time lift it to you with the aid of the stalactite.

And so on and so forth. This game is pretty big; so big I still haven’t finished all of it yet, so I can’t comment on how the narrative resolves itself, but I’m hooked on this in a big way. It’s refreshing to see a game so smart, executed so well. Pick this one up; you will not be disappointed. Plus, it makes you feel like you’re really smart when you figure out some of the trickier puzzles. And who doesn’t love that?

Crack the code in to the App Store or Google Play and start uncovering the truth today for free!


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