Apple in for Christmas Payday?

Apple in for Christmas Payday?



For all you phone and App lovers out there, there is some good news this Holiday time. With Apple shifting over 13million units of its’ latest iPhone release, there is bound to be a huge influx of new Apps coming soon and if I was a spread betting man (read in-depth Spread betting reviews here), I’d be backing Apple to keep up with their growth into the first quarter of next year! However, Apple have been mysteriously quiet over their Apple Watches and iPad releases leading many to gossip that they have been far from the successes that they were hoped to be.

This year we have seen a whole host of great Apps released from multiplayer arcade games like Candy Crush Soda Saga by King to the new Football Manager and Minecraft applications. However the huge investment going in to iPhone applications has probably been driven by a tremendous decline in other competitors. This year, HTC have been dropped from Taiwan’s prestigious Top 50 list as their share price fell by over 66% while major business competitor Blackberry has dropped over a third from its’ January high of 12.60. Even their leading rivals, the Samsung team is still down 150 points in their attempt to recover from a landslide back in August.

So just what does this mean for Apple in 2016? Well Apple have long promised its’ users something extraordinary and, well, most of its’ recent releases have failed to overwhelm us. We rely on our pep from the App Store and the huge growth of Social Media apps to keep us occupied, while rumours continue to circulate about longer battery life, better cameras and wireless charging. Frankly the majority of us would just be happy if half of the updates weren’t so buggy and an external storage device was available so we didn’t spend half of our phone bill on Cloud allowances.

But I digress, while many of us are still waiting for the next super phone that we’ve been promised for years, it seems that the majority of us are still backing Apple and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing. With the iPhone 7 expected to be released in the fall of 2016, investors and developers alike are expecting another huge win for Apple and another huge dent in the side of its’ competitors, one that may finally overrun a few of them in the already crowded market space. Until then – stay tuned for our latest blog updates and enjoy the holidays.


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