Become A Warlord Hero With Shire Defense – Fantasy Tower Strategy

Become A Warlord Hero With Shire Defense – Fantasy Tower Strategy


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Battle game warfare back in Middle Earth would have been so much more straight-forward than the geo-political nightmare that we face today. Wouldn’t it be easier if the only ethical question posed was ‘On a scale of 1 to Lord Of The Rings, how many Orks have you killed today?’ and whatever answer you gave would be met with ‘Not enough.’ Shire Defense – Fantasy Tower Strategy by Bohemia Touch s.r.o. allows you to kill completely autonomously and free from any moral obligations – the enemy is attacking your tower after all.

The immersive battle game has a pretty simple premise: awful men with axes, goblins with arrows, evil wizards and impossibly hardy ogres are trying to attack your village, stop them by putting strategically placed weapons in their path and collect their coins as you tornado, fireball or poison their sinister souls into oblivion.  

The more enemies that you kill the more coins you collect and with that death count booty you can afford to put even more weapons in their path. The cheeky blighters are smart though and when they see your enchanted armory taking out their men out one by one they move into attack mode and either hack them to pieces or Harry Potter them into another dimension.

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Ah, the strategy part – you didn’t think it was going to just be a killing spree did you? So the only way you can place weapons in your enemy’s path is by buying them. They all cost different amounts, so they all perform better or worse respectively. You have to decide whether you would like 10 weird green gloop excreting lamps that are fairly ineffective or just a few well placed tornado makers to obliterate the whole lot of them. However, if they smash down your tornado machine without you scoring any kill points, then your defense lines begin to look pretty weak and the last thing the trembling villagers will do is curse your name for not paying enough attention the the whole Syria sitch.

Shire Defense – Fantasy Tower Strategy is free to play and, although simple, remains frustratingly addictive. It’s a worthwhile download for anyone looking to kill a bit of time and a lot of magical folk.

Shoot an arrow (your finger) at the App Store today and start playing!


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