How eCommerce Stores Are Making Shopping Easier

How eCommerce Stores Are Making Shopping Easier


The last couple of years have seen a revolution in how we shop online. In 2017, an estimated 1.66 billion people purchased goods online, continuing a trend away from traditional stores to the world of eCommerce. This has been made possible by a number of innovations meaning that it is now easier and cheaper than ever. With improving technology, people of all ages and backgrounds are turning to the internet to fulfil their shopping needs. Here are the latest tech innovations helping eCommerce sites to attract customers.

Apple and Google Pay

With smartphones now using fingerprint ID technology, companies such as Apple and Google have found a way to speed up the payment process. Anyone with an Apple product is able to make purchases using the touch of a finger or simply by asking Siri. Fingerprint ID is actually more secure than typing in credit card details, while also being much faster.

This can be used in the online store as well as in apps. Customers can also use the technology to send money to friends and family. Much like the rising popularity of contactless payments in physical stores, not using a PIN or entering long card numbers makes shopping easy and fast.


Social Media

Social media has long been a way for companies to appeal directly to their target market. This can be done for free or via paid ads, but there have been yet more innovations in the last couple of years. Chatbots allows customers to interact with Amazon or similar platforms and make purchases without even leaving Facebook.

If you’re a small business, potential customers might not want to visit your eCommerce website, with which they will be unfamiliar. On the other hand, Facebook Messenger is the second most popular app. By allowing customers to stay within their comfort zone and using AI to build a relationship, shopping online becomes a more relaxed experience. Chatbots can mimic the role of a shop assistant, offering advice and scanning information for a good deal that might appeal to a customer.

Online shopping has become the preference of many customers. This has driven innovation in the eCommerce sector, but has also itself been spurred by technological advancements. Services such as Apple and Google Pay allow customers to make payments in a split second, meaning that the time costs are lower. Social media has helped online stores directly interact with customers, building a relationship and comfortable shopping environment.


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