eBay App: New and Improved Features!

eBay App: New and Improved Features!

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Always improving, always progressing!

eBay have recently made some updates to their already successful and highly rated app. They have kept the original structure of the app the same but have now used a more organised and clearer layout. The main home page of the app now has some additional features added. These include allowing the user to browse for items by product categories and to also display the image of the items that users have recently viewed. This provides an ideal visual reminder and is a great addition to the app.

The ‘My eBay tab’ has now been organised into four clear headings and then further divided for the user to access the exact function they require. The main headings include:

  • Member – Displays your member name and feedback score.
  • Watching – Shows all items you are watching, whether active or ended.
  • Buying – This section is sub-divided further by your best offer, active, won and didn’t win.
  • Selling – This now details your best offers, active, sold, unsold and scheduled items.

The relevant number of items is highlighted next to each function so it can be further selected to view the details. This will show the buyer and sellers details, including shipping address and feedback reviews.

The ‘Sell’ tab now also includes the amount of money you have accumulated from sales in the last 30 days. The app also gives you access and control to your PayPal account, which speeds up your buying process. You can share your items on Facebook and Twitter and can also search for items in other countries. Instant alerts will keep you updated on all your eBay activity so you can control all aspects of your account directly from the app.

These updates have provided a more organised layout, more specific selections, which allow the user to gain the exact information they require, while still keeping within the familiar structure that users know and love. Great updates that have made a positive difference!


  1. I would love if the eBay app would notify you of messages… I’m a seller on eBay and I find it annoying that I have to log into eBay multiple times a day to see if I have any messages. It is very cool that offers come up as notifications though… Perhaps this is because of the misnomer that these are more time-sensitive… They are time-sensitive, yes, but I refute the contention that they are MORE important to respond to than messages because often times, “Item not received as described” or “Question about item” messages are more important to individual AND overall sales for a seller.. which is why I feel that messages from members should come up as notifications in the eBay app. Oh, wait, that’s where I started…

  2. Thats great! Its good that it provided a more organised layout,specific selections,for allows the user to gain the exact information they needed. Thanks for this post.


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