Top 5 Free Yoga Apps For iPhone

Top 5 Free Yoga Apps For iPhone


Top 5 Free Yoga Apps For iPhone
If you read my previous post 5 Great Yoga Apps To Get You Stretching, you found yourself in the middle of a list of apps that all required payment. Not this list. Everything on this list is 100% free. Who doesn’t love a good freebie?

1. YOGA Free: 200 Poses & Yoga Classes – Updated: Oct 15, 2010,Seller: ARAWELLA CORPORATION YOGA Free: 200 Poses & Yoga Classes - ARAWELLA CORPORATION

YOGA Free 200 Poses Yoga Classes

Yoga Free was one of the first yoga app I tried, downloading shortly after its release. Who knew, Yoga on your iPhone? I put this one first because it really deserves to be first. The app is beautiful and user friendly. When you first open the app, you are given the option to go to “My Program.” It is here where you can choose your mode. There is a “Quick Recipe” which is a ready-made routine for beginners or “Fast Mode” where you can create your own program choosing from the poses in the “Pose Base.” Each pose has a male voice directing you through the pose. There is also a video option so you can actually see how it is done. In the “Pose Base” you have the ability to choose from Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Guru poses. There are over 200 options in all. The app also includes a calendar with a daily quote.

2. Yoga with Tania Lite – Updated: 21 December 2010, Developer: Capital Yoga Publishing Corp Yoga with Tania Lite - Capital Yoga Publishing Corp

Yoga with Tania Lite iphone app review

The first thing you notice when opening the free version of Yoga with Tania is the advertisement bar on the bottom of your iPhone screen. To some this might be a bother. Aside from that Tania gives us a list of poses. Choose a pose and you go to the single photo view. You slide to show the flow. Tap the description button and it will take you to the instructions in word from. There is also “benefits” listed as well as “modifications” to those who might need them. On the description screen there is a button to tap and you will hear Tania give you the instructions. Her voice is rather pleasant, but she seems to talk a little fast and you can tell she is reading, she does not sound natural at all. Tania also gives us a couple of sequences to choose from. Tapping on one of these will bring you to a screen that looks like the photo above. You can play sound instructions, which will guide you through each pose individually, making like a very slow video. You are given the option to do this one your own and listen to your own music. Yoga with Tania also allows users to adjust the speed of the sequence. For a free app it is packed with useful material.

3. Prêt-à-Yoga Lite – Updated: Nov 07, 2009 , Seller: Pret-a LLC Prêt-à-Yoga Lite - Prêt-à LLC

Prêt a Yoga Lite iphone app review
This was the first yoga app opened the immediately gave us a warning. Most of us know the speech about checking with a doctor first before starting any sort of exercise program. Still, it is a nice feature that even though bothersome, some people still need to be reminded. Prêt-à-Yoga gives users a beginners sequence guided by Kathleen Kastner which last an entire 30 minutes. Tapping the start button will take us right into the guide. Her voice is slow and pleasant. There is no video, but photos do slide on their own as she speaks. This free version gives us three options; beginners, pranayama breathing exercise and a sun salutation. There may not be a whole lot offered on this yoga app, yet it looks appealing and sounds appealing. Overall we think this app flows along quite nicely and is great for someone who does not need or like other flows offered in other program. Basic, plain and simple.

4. MINDBODY yoga 3.0 -Updated: Jul 23, 2010, Seller: MINDBODY Inc. MINDBODY yoga 3.0 - MINDBODY Inc.

MINDBODY yoga iphone app review

What do you do when you actually want to go to a yoga class instead of working out alone with an iPhone app? You install MINDBODY yoga 3.0. Install it, open it, and let it use your location and POOF! It really is that easy. In the settings you can adjust the search miles, search by class start or end time and search different days of availability. This app is perfect for anyone looking to try a new class, find a class, to travelers or anyone on the constant move. Within the app you can look at a list of classes, a list of nearby studios and the map. We find 14 classes right up the road that we never knew existed. Fabulous, handy, free app!

5. Travel Yoga 3D In the Car lite – Released: Mar 08, 2011, Seller: David Gilliam Travel Yoga 3D In the Car lite - New Justice Films

Travel Yoga 3D In the Car lite iphone app review

For the last slot on the Top 5 Free Yoga Apps we wanted to find something that was a little different than all the other instructional apps. I think we did good finding this little gem because I feel a whole lot of people are going to benefit from it. Commuters, you no longer have an excuse. Stuck in traffic? Stressed at the same time? Try a little yoga, in the car. Tap “press to play” and the app immediately goes into video mode. The program lets you know that you should watch this app first before trying it in the car. The male voice is not so relaxing, but it is not terrible. The voice follows along with the video, which is in 3D so you can see exactly how the exercise benefits your body. The music is pleasing. The free version only gives you a few minutes, but it is well worth checking out. If you are interested in the full program (since this is just a taste), it only costs a mere 99 cents for more yoga exercises and longer flows.


  1. I love the mindbody app! I’ve been using it to find studios in my hometown for a while now. It’s also a great tool for when I head out of town to visit the family or for work and need to find a class to let go of all of the stress of the day. Also, I heard that this app will eventually have booking- which would make it even better for traveling! Plus, who can turn down a free app?

  2. Yoga is of course a great way to stay flexible and relaxed – and having it on the iPhone means I can practice wherever I am. I am using the standeazy phone stand to hold the phone whilst practicing so I’ve got my hands free and am enjoying a good workout. Perfect team work!


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