5 Very Silly iPhone Apps To Get You Through Monday

5 Very Silly iPhone Apps To Get You Through Monday


Do you ever feel as if you need something to help you get through the day?  Is that day usually Monday?!  The start of the week often begins with a fuzzy head and a sense of foreboding when we think of the next five days before the weekend so we all rely on a little something to help us get by.  Well, no need to turn to sneaking whisky shots from a hip-flask in the office or cheeky puffs on a cigarette by the school sheds, as here are five incredibly silly iPhone apps that will help you get through Monday!

1. Unicorn Disco – $1.99, Updated: Dec 29, 2010, Current Version: 1.2, Seller: Unicorn Labs, LLC.

It's party time!

Have you ever shared a dance floor with Frankenstein, Mona Lisa and a dancing Monkey?  Thought so.  If you want to re-live that wonderful night, (was it at Charlie Sheen’s house, by any chance?!) then all you have to do is download Unicorn Disco, an app that creates characters from the photo library on your iPhone and then gets them to dance around to your own playlist.  Fusing a camera app with a music app, this guarantees hilarious fun that will brighten up your day!

2. Mouth Off – $0.99, Updated: Oct 01, 2010, Current Version: 2.5.4, Seller: ustwo

This fun little app allows you to transform your iPhone into a set of lips that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.  By holding your iPhone in front of your mouth and activating the app, a set of lips, (chosen from a wide range), appears and move in time to your talking, singing, shouting or laughing…trust me, it’s a hoot!

3. Moron Test – $0.99, Updated: Feb 12, 2011, Current Version: 4.2, Seller: BERKELEY MALAGON

If you’ve ever wanted to prove that you are a genius, (or, failing that, just not a moron), then now is your chance!  Moron Test for iPhone is a fun little app that will take you through a series of puzzles and challenges that will challenge your intelligence, common sense and rate you on the moron-a-meter!  A fun way to kill some time, these silly puzzles will have your head in a spin and your friends giggling at your answers!

4. Fart Cushion – Free, Updated: Aug 24, 2010, Current Version: 3.0.1, Seller: TMSOFT

Beans last night?

There are few things funnier than when somebody breaks wind inappropriately; the comic effect of a ill-timed fart transcends age, race and gender and will have people from any walk of life in stitches wherever you are.  Well, now you can harness that comedic power in an iPhone app, with Fart Cushion simulating the well-known sound of a farting noise that you can blame on a poor, unsuspecting victim…and best of all, it’s free!

5. Ginger Booth – $0.99, Updated: 25 February 2011, Current Version: 1.1, Developer: Martin Harte © Bluebear Technologies

If you’ve ever wondered what you would be like if you had been born with ginger hair, well, there’s an iPhone app for that.  Swap the hair on your photos for a ginger-tinged barnet and see what you would look like as a redhead…you never know, you might love it!

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