Devourer: Awesomely Middle of the Road

Devourer: Awesomely Middle of the Road


Devourer iPhone App Review

Whether it’s the Space Invaders graphics or the infectious neon colours, there’s a great 80’s flavor about Devourer that many will find hard to resist. Although, the less said about the bizarre rock come DJ scratching sounds in the background is probably for the better. What’s more, the game is pretty darn infectious as well.

Using your finger, you move around a white hole in space devouring space invader shaped objects, while hopefully avoiding the red flying entities. It’s a simple premise and one that is adaptable enough to be used across two different modes: A classic devour everything and a survival game.Although, I’m not sure if this is really enough.

You see once you’ve played the game once, your only real incentive to play again is to better your score. Ok, so this may be the foundation of many games on the app store, but there’s something altogether less addictive about Devourer.

Devourer isn’t going to give you hours worth of enjoyment – as some ludicrous reviews might claim – so lets not blow smoke up the developer’s backside. Devourer is many things; fun, slick and more importantly free but it is not going to give you hours worth of entertainment.

On a more realistic scale, Devourer might make a worthwhile addition to your device if you’re after a something that can pass the time, but the blunt truth is that when there are so many fantastic games on the app store, being mediocre isn’t going to get you very far.


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