Cats Vs. Toilet Paper: It’s not Purrfect

Cats Vs. Toilet Paper: It’s not Purrfect


Cats Vs. Toilet Paper iPhone App Review

I’ve never known a cat to claw away at toilet paper but apparently it happens all the time; like Swans breaking peoples arms.This simple premise forms the basis of the Cats Vs. Toilet Paper app.

Essentially you stroke the screen, clawing the toilet paper as fast as you can before something (the pet owner we presume) squirts you with water ending the session.

The problem is however, that despite your dedication the game doesn’t really go anywhere with this relatively simple premise. Fair enough, you can access new cats and more locations the more you play, but there’s never really an incentive to actually accomplish these goals.

On one hand, the game is a bit of a dead end, but on the other it’s free and it could fill a 5-minute gap if you’re bored. By all means give it a try but don’t expect wonders.


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