Kissisland: Misogyny and Gorilla Rape

Kissisland: Misogyny and Gorilla Rape


Kissisland iPhone App Review

Kissisland is bizarre. Really ridiculously bizarre in fact.There’s very few games on the app store that can honestly say that Misogyny and Gorilla Rape are integral aspects of the gameplay. In fact we’re willing to bet this is the only one.

That might sound odd, but the context does go someway to clearing things up. You see you control a crash landed pilot who for no reason whatsoever, forces himself on the Amazonian tribeswomen on the island. Why? We don’t know and apparently we shouldn’t judge. Although for some reason, random Gorillas show up with the intention of pulling our hero.

Is it fun? Kind of. Should it be? Hell No.

You see there are so many alternative scenarios this game could have used for its gameplay instead of theweird and offensive storyline being used. Treasures, huntsman, anything other than molesting women and having two gorillas double teaming you.

What’s more the idea that someone is actually trying to charge you for this is also slightly offensive as well.

The gameplay and graphics are alright, so please, please, please can the developer use a bit of common sense and change the storyline to something a bit more fitting. Perhaps when they do that we can reevaluate this horrible game.



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