Destructopus: Save the Planet by Destroying a Chunk of it…

Destructopus: Save the Planet by Destroying a Chunk of it…


Destructopus iPhone App Review

If you fancy yourself as a bit of an animal lover, or just have a soft spot for destroying civilisation as we know it through the aid of a chemically enhanced monster, then you will be drawn to this comic style game.

What you must do is make your way through the streets, docks and military facilities leaving a path of complete annihilation using one of three methods – claw, bite and laser pulse. The claw attack hits low and mid height targets, the bite targets the mid to high targets and the laser pulse targets the airborne enemy particularly well.

Using a virtual d-pad, you move left and right and can duck from projectiles (rockets and bullets) in the air. You would have thought that this game would be quite easy as you seem to have everything up your sleeve, but you do come up against quite stiff opposition which get increasingly harder as you progress to each stage.

You are graded on how quickly you eliminate everything in your path and free the various animals from an untimely end. If you do this quickly and without taking too many hits, you’ll get a higher score than if you take your time.

Ultimately, this is a very entertaining game and will prove very addictive to all gamers and certainly is going to conquer any boredom you may be having.


  • Entertaining
  • Fun
  • Evens up the scores – Monsters 1 – Humans 0
  • Good graphics and controls


  • None!


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