Burger Mania: Makes You Appreciate What Makes a Good Burger!

Burger Mania: Makes You Appreciate What Makes a Good Burger!


Burger Mania iPhone App Review

We’ve all been to a fast food diner in our lives. The queuing in line, waiting to get served, picking which sort of burger you want, whether you want fries with it or if you’d like to go large and the imminent disappointment of the moment you realise what you ordered looks nothing like the one on the advertisement behind the assistant… well, whoever thought they could make a game out of this was spot on!

I never have worked behind the counter at a fast food restaurant and after playing this app, I doubt I ever would take them quite for granted! Indeed it’s no wonder why so many students go for a job like this as it’s not at all as easy as you would probably imagine.

What you must try and do is decipher what the customer wants with their increasingly more demanding and complex orders and shorter patience. To do this, you must jump between several different counters, from burger, to soda, to fries, to ice cream and back again. Take into account that fries take a little while to fry and so do burgers, and how quick soda is to pour, it becomes a bit of a juggling act which has rising risks of angry customers and singed burgers and overdone fries should you let any part of the chain mess up.

Overall this is a great little game that will keep you playing for much longer than you probably would imagine and better yet, you don’t get hungry looking at all the food!


  • Very addictive
  • Finger tapping fun
  • Excellent time killer


  • It’s not always clear what the customer wants from the picture
  • Bearskin soldiers in the UK and bikini-clad girls in the US isn’t quite accurate – there’s no super fat folk in sight!
  • The constant ‘yay!’ from satisfied clients can get really irritating after a moment or two


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