Junk Jack: A Scaled Down Terraria For The iPhone

Junk Jack: A Scaled Down Terraria For The iPhone


Junk Jack iPhone App Review

For anyone who has ever wasted many an hour playing Minecraft or indulged themselves in the world of Terraria; this game is a must.

Junk Jack consists of randomly generated worlds in which your job is to dig about, cut down trees, craft items and generally just explore. The game cycles between night and day meaning that you have to prepare for the evening by crafting touches, building a house and having a sword handy for killing all the creepy monsters that spawn in the dark.

Some people say these kind of games aren’t really ‘games’ as you’re just left to explore your surroundings without any real objectives. So far that’s pretty much the whole concept, but the developers have promised many updates including quests, which will give some people a bit more of an incentive to keep playing.

Personally, I adore sandbox games and I was extremely excited when I heard about Junk Jack (having just weaned myself off the addiction that was Terraria), and so far I am very impressed with the simple controls, retro graphics and the overall ‘survival’ feel of the game.

Pros: randomly generated worlds mean that everyone has a different experience when playing the game. Once you’re just about done with the game, you can start again and discover new treasures and craft items.

Cons: if you are not familiar with this type of game it may take you a while to get into it, as having previous knowledge of how and where to discover and craft things will help a lot.

This is the kind of game that you can accidentally spend far too long playing. With the promise of a possible treasure just round the corner you’ll find yourself thinking “let’s just dig a little bit more and see what we find….”


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