3 Essential iPhone Apps To Get Your Weekend Started!

3 Essential iPhone Apps To Get Your Weekend Started!


3 Essential iPhone Apps To Get Your Weekend Started!
Bang! The weekend has landed! What better way to kick off your two days of rest and relaxation than checking your iPhone for suggestions of what to do? Well, here for your viewing pleasures are three essential iPhone apps that are guaranteed to get your weekend off to a fantastic start…

1. Friends Around Me – Price: Free, Updated: Sep 25, 2010, Seller: ZILA NETWORKS LLC Friends Around Me - Zila Networks LLC

Friends Around Me iphone app review
Find your friends!

On your big weekend you need to know where your buddies are. Now, there are a lot of social networking apps out there, however, if you want an app that allows you to log in to foursquare, gowalla, twitter and facebook at the same time then check out the free app Friends Around Me! You can interact with your friends through the free group chat feature and you can meet old friends or new people by using the interactive location-based search. You’ll never have to drink alone again!

2. Drink TV – Price: $0.99, Released: Jan 28, 2011, Seller: Sean Casto Drink TV - RG Apps

drink tv iphone app review
Can you refuse an offer of an ice cold beer?

We all know that the best way to prepare yourself for a night out on the town is to knocking back a few beers with your friends and having some laughs along the way; well, with Drink TV, you can now play drinking games while watching your favourite TV shows, combining your love of revelry with your passion for television! Most popular TV shows as well as a whole load of movies are featured on the app, including Two and a Half Men, The Office and Dexter and the app suggests drinking games that you can play which are relative to what is on your screens. For example, when a contestant on American Idol is, ‘so nervous that he looks as if he will pee his pants’, it’s your turn to drink! Now what could be more fun than that?!

3. Local Concerts – Price:Free, Updated: Feb 05, 2010, Seller: iLike inc Local Concerts - iLike inc

LocalConcerts iphone app review
Pick whichever takes your fancy…

Once you are properly liquored up for the night ahead of you , you may want to check out some live music; well, whichever city or town you are in, this app will find you a local gig to go to. Local Concerts identifies your current location and finds you the nearest popular concert. Also, on planning for a gig in the future, the app has specific sections where you can input your favourite artists and it will tell you when and where they are next playing. For those who are about to rock, we salute you!


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