DataDiary Allows You To Monitor Your Smartphone Usage

DataDiary Allows You To Monitor Your Smartphone Usage



If you’re anything like me, your monthly smartphone bills are always a bit of a shocker and sometimes they can threaten to trigger a full on cardiac episode; but where does all of my data allowance go?  Is it spent furiously texting pictures of my dog’s latest haircut to my friends?  Uploading embarrassing videos of my girlfriend putting on her makeup to Facebook?  Constantly Googling ‘Miley Cyrus’ to see what the bonkers babe has done next?  Maybe it’s all three, but without an app like DataDiary, I wouldn’t know for sure. 

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The free app lets you take any guesswork out of your data consumption by allowing you to monitor and track your iPhone’s data usage.  It lists all of your apps in order, relative to the amount of data that they suck from your allowance each month so you can adjust your usage accordingly.  The added extra, which separates it from its competitors in my opinion, is that you can see how much data that you’ve consumed in relation to each network, so you know which ones to use/avoid.

You can also monitor trends by applying the week/month calendar as well as activating the Daypart DataDiary that shows you which hour of the day in which you are most active.

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The app’s layout is very intuitive and easy to use, with simple charts that a child could understand – in fact, if there are any parents who are facing bankruptcy because they pay for their socialite offspring’s phone bills, this app will be a solid investment!


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