Kingdoms CCG: The Ultimate Collectible Card Battle Game

Kingdoms CCG: The Ultimate Collectible Card Battle Game



If you want to be whisked away into a world of goblins, dragons and knights in shining armour but you don’t want to risk going too far back in the closet or taking a pilgrimage to Mordor then just switch on your iPad and check out Kingdoms CCG, a collectible card battle game that will keep you entranced for hours. 

Anyone who’s a fan of witches and warlocks and who also enjoys Top Trumps-style card battles will adore this free iPad game; follow the complex set of instructions that will help you outwit your opponents before entering the land of Euna where your mission is to take place.

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The gameplay is smooth and intuitive although some of the levels can be a little tricky to figure out; this is where the ‘Help’ icon will come in handy, as you can pick up all sorts of tips and tricks along the way.  You play certain cards and if your opponent doesn’t defend himself properly then his life-force diminishes; slash, shoot and stab him enough without losing too much of your own energy and you’ll defeat him and move onto the next, progressively harder, level in the Kingdom.

So, there are six Kingdoms to cross through: Holy, Ancient, Mystical, Elemental, Undead and Alchemy, and they each have their own magical style, creatures, gear, spells and rune words.  You collect new fantasy cards that have special powers that will help you battle such characters as rifle-toting dwarves, furious wizards and rocket-firing giants.

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What I like about the live function of the app is that you can go head to head in a real-time battle against other online players in your own league, each competing for the top spot!  The artwork is really impressive and there is a very tense, suitably histrionic soundtrack that creates an exciting mood.

For a free game that has so much attention to detail and depth to its gameplay, I’d encourage anyone and everyone to give Kingdoms CCG a go; see you on the battlefield!


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