Can You Earn Money Gambling On Your Smartphone?

Can You Earn Money Gambling On Your Smartphone?



The prospect of sitting on a sofa, beach or deckchair and earning steady revenue from your smartphone seems too good to be true and for most people it probably is.  However, for those who aren’t afraid of a little risk and are excited at the idea of a big payoff might want to check out a few of the apps that are floating around the App Store as they allow users to actually gamble with real money, thus presenting the opportunity to win directly from their smartphone.  Of course, some of us want to bet just for the fun of it without the worry of losing our paycheck, so there are apps that cater for this market too.

1. Roller Casino

This app sells itself as the only real money app designed exclusively for the iPad and iPhone and it is impressive in its functionality and symbiosis with the iDevices.  Users can tilt their iDevice to activate the roulette roller, swipe their screens to fold or hold on blackjack or any of the other 20+ games that are in the app.

It also boasts a new player sign up bonus with a 100% matched 1st deposit bonus up to £250 and a £10 bonus on your first £5 bet…not bad for a free app, hey?!

2. #1 Reel Deal Slots Club

This one’s for the grannies of the gaming world, the ones that will happily spend hours spinning away on the slot machines, just hoping for those three aligned fruit symbols to spell, “Kerching!!”  Play the fruities, poker machines and the slots and bring your friends along for the ride with their live tournaments and competitions.


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