My Vacation: A Better Way to Record Your Journeys

My Vacation: A Better Way to Record Your Journeys


My Vacation iPhone App Review

I travel. A lot. So much in fact, that I no longer have a physical address to go home to. Because of this, I’ve often stuck my nose up at apps that merely provide packing lists or photo organization – pish! No, no, I need something well-rounded, something sweeping in its scope, something as all-inclusive as the weekend at a 5-star resort in Mexico I’ve been dreaming about – I need My Vacation, High Def.

Was that a little dramatic? Yeah, maybe. But I can’t help but gush over the variety of functions in this one little app. You start by giving your trip a title – “New Zealand Tour” is the example provided. Then you add the “Where” and “When” and whoosh! You’re ready to write a travelogue that includes your own text, maps, photos, videos, and audio recordings.

Of course, My Vacation has the lists I sniffed at earlier – things to pack, things to do, and a category simply called “Notes” – but what I found especially exciting was a “Publish” button where you can not only share memories via email or to popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but you can also send your trip to a Dropbox folder or another device, make photosets on Flickr, or even create a post on your travel blog, using Blogger or WordPress. Had I known of this app earlier, I wouldn’t have bothered to schlep my laptop to every Starbucks on this green earth.

After your trip is over, press the “Play” button to enjoy an interactive slideshow of your journey. My Vacation deserves five stars for its clear, elegant graphics, a very user-friendly interface, and for making it so easy to do the inevitable bragging to friends once you’ve returned home – and all for only $2.99! Finally, someone has thought of everything.



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