Collision Effect: Very Cool Game For the iPad

Collision Effect: Very Cool Game For the iPad


Collision Effect iPad App Review
A game so simple yet so intense, it deserves a stellar spot among the apps. If the casual small game like this can have a setting, this would be set in space. The objective of the game is simple, as cosmic-orbs of variant colors appear on screen from different directions. When an orb is tabbed, others of the same color rush to collide in a beautiful miniature supernova. But be careful not to collide different colored orbs, as that means game over. Unless you play the Life Force mode instead of the classic mode, in which case, you’d incur a penalty countdown. The countdown is brought down by further collisions, and each accident will raise the countdown even higher. The game is played in waves, with a multiplier effect for consecutive collisions – the higher the multiplier the higher you can score with collisions and combos.

Power ups occasionally pop into the screen, for example, one menacing looking orb slows the orbs down to make it easier, but I’ve found that it gets in the way more than helping. A second power up makes all the orbs able to pass through each other without colliding against opposing colors. A third power up blows everything up on screen. However, if a normal orb collides against these power ups before you tap them, they disappear.

The third mode, a puzzle mode starts the game with all the orbs frozen in predefined patterns. Tapping an orb will bring that color to life, starting its way towards collision. But the orb will probably collide with some other color unless you tap through them in the correct timing and order. The puzzles become more complicated and difficult as you progress through the levels.

The music is absolutely beautiful – spacey, haunting and reminiscent of old science-fiction movies and games. The graphics are equally beautiful, using simple colors and dust particles to make it enchanting.

The charm of the game is its simple gameplay with its beautiful sounds and visuals. A brilliant game relying on fast-paced intense gameplay to hook the players in, Collision Effect is a must have game for all iPad/iPhone owners.



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