Bucket Brigade: A Bucket of Potential But no Sure Fire Hit

Bucket Brigade: A Bucket of Potential But no Sure Fire Hit


Bucket Brigade iPhone App Review

We shouldn’t really beat about the bush, so here’s the bottom line. Bucket Brigade is essentially a below par take on the Angry Birds formula. You are a fire brigade and you fling buckets of water towards flaming buildings. The longer you take the more buildings that can catch fire. This is perhaps the games greatest aspect for no other reason than the fact it’s an interesting take on the gameplay.

Unfortunately, the main problem with Bucket Brigade is that it’s just all over the place. For instance, the slightest touch on the screen can send the picture flying from one side of the screen to the other. It’s disorientating to say the least and doesn’t make for apleasurable gaming experience. What’s more, should you successful manage to throw one of these buckets, you can’t actually see the drip lines clearly enough to help you calibrate your next throw. You’re essentially just randomly chucking hundreds of buckets with no idea of how close you are to your target.

Bucket Brigade could be a really entertaining little game, the likes of which Angry Bird enthusiasts would no doubt flock to. However, the one or two tiny issues that hinder the gameplay significantly dent an otherwise entertaining game. In its current guise, the game certainly doesn’t warrant its 59p price tag, so we’d advise waiting for an update before purchasing the game.


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