ePig Surf:Pig’s Can Surf?

ePig Surf:Pig’s Can Surf?


ePig Surf iPhone App Review

Pigs can’t fly, but apparently they can surf. This is the basic premise of ePig Surf, whereby you take control of Eddie the surfing pig and avoid an assortment of obstacles, sharks, whirlpools and so forth while collecting new boards along the way. It’s very simplistic but sometimes the best things are.

You can’t really fault the game because it looks good, it’s easy to get to grips with and there’s a steady increment of difficulty that makes playing it reasonably enjoyable as well. However, call us crazy, but despite the flawlessness of the games attributes something is certainly missing.

It’s not that ePig Surf is a bad game per se, but, at no point does the game ever truly excite users. There’s just something very bland about the gameplay after the first couple of runs. Admittedly, this could just be us, surfing pigs might be right up your street, but we can’t imagine the game setting anyone’s world alight. Then again, at 59p you can’t really grumble and it’s certainly better than most cheap games on the app store.


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