Let’s Get The Action Going with Nanovoid!

Let’s Get The Action Going with Nanovoid!


Nanovoid iPhone App Review
Remember Subspace? Back in the day I was so addicted to that game. I can see the same thing happening with Nanovoid, which is why I’m going to stop playing, and tell you about it.

The game starts you off in space taking you through a story of betrayal and inconsistency as you, the ruling empire in charge of matters in space hunt down rogues in other systems who defy your rule. The story is a lot like Star Wars, told from ‘The Dark Side’s’ point of view.

Moving your finger in the bottom left corner to control movement, your craft fires continually at incoming ships, mother ships, and space shuttles that carry power ups (my favorite part). Like Combat Flight Simulator, if you navigate around your enemies dodging missiles and get behind them, you’ll save your ass and totally obliterate them.

Nanovoid is one of those games that if you play carefully, you can clear an entire level with 5% of your life leftover. Just like if you were careful in Diablo II, you could (theoretically) kill “Big D” by walking right up to him (with no life) and stabbing him with a lightning imbued javelin.

Strong Points:

  • Engaging story to back up the game play
  • Multiple power-ups and ship styles to destroy. This game’s got variety!
  • Cool non-evasive music. Unique
  • Multiple playing modes.

Weak Points:

  • No option to save the game. Must start from the beginning each time.
  • The dialogue is a little weak. Lacks expression.


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