Catch the Coins: You might need the luck of the Irish...

Catch the Coins: You might need the luck of the Irish for this…


Catch the Coins iPhone App Review
As we all know, Leprechauns live at the end of rainbows with their pots of gold. As we also know, catching one of these little red haired, green clad folk proves trickier than anyone could imagine. So imagine if you will, what happens when you have a challenge where you are to help one of these imps get their hands on the gold coins?

Well, imagine no more as here is Catch the Coins!

This game is devised to test every part of your skill, whether it’s drawing the lines or working out the way to lead all the coins to the Leprechaun. Arguably the drawing is a problem for many using touch screens, but thankfully the developers have an undo or erase all option at the press of a button should you need it; the biggest issue is the logistical nightmare that would probably suit bridge builders and architects when it comes to engineering structures that will allow you to pick up all three, let alone one single coin.

The app is pretty enjoyable and will certainly keep your brain active if nothing else. Overall I’d say this is one of the rare apps that has enough character, challenges and likeability factors that’s been seen for quite some time.


  • Easy to get to grips with
  • Entertaining
  • Pretty addictive


  • Getting all three coins is nearly impossible
  • The drawing function can be a little unreliable
  • Similarly tapping the erase all button can be easily done by accident which can be frustrating



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