“Bump” your Friends to Share Photos, Profiles, and More!

“Bump” your Friends to Share Photos, Profiles, and More!


Bump is so simple and can immediately make your life better 🙂

I love apps like this that are dead simple to use and make it so easy to do something that is usually a hassle. The most important thing to do is to get your friends using Bump too. Then it’s a cinch to swap photos, profiles, you name it. Just gently bump your hands together while holding your iPhones, and hey presto – your stuff has been transferred.

Professionals will probably like the ability to immediately exchange their LinkedIn profiles, while kids are more likely to “bump” to connect on Facebook.

Another really cool feature, for when you’re physically trying to meet up with friends, is that Bump lets you send a “location snapshot” to another Bump user that you’re linked with. Location snapshot is just a fancy way of saying a Google map with an “I’m Here” label – but I can see this being VERY useful – I always have trouble following directions!

Note that although Bump says you can use the app to share music, this isn’t strictly true – you can’t transfer a music file to another user. If you “bump” music to a friend, he or she will get the iTunes link for the song. Great for recommending a song you like, but not for actually sharing music.

App released 12th November 2010, developed by Bump Technologies LLC, £Free




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