120 BPM iPhone app – Create original music in seconds

120 BPM iPhone app – Create original music in seconds



Making music is a labored and exciting process, but sometimes without the necessary instruments, musicians or software it can be hard to bring all your sweet-sounding ideas into fruition. Now using 120 BPM, the first composition studio available you can create, record and share any musical idea that may come to mind, whether at home or on the go.

What sets this app apart from other music recording apps is the plethora of samples at your disposal, with the added function of recording your own samples, riffs or melodies to use in your songs. Overall there are eight instruments pre-installed, with 4 different styles, resulting in 192 different samples ready for use. Simply drag and drop your samples onto one of the 5 audio tracks available; select, record, arrange, copy, paste, mix and share!

Easy to use interface, with a plethora of pre-recorded samples to choose from.

Much like some other music apps, such as Ocarina, the connectivity is brilliant. Select the 3D virtual globe to listen to other budding composers around the world; all posting their individual creations onto the 120 BPM sever for free. Make friends with fellow composers whose material you enjoy to create a network of like-minded musical minds. Those of you with a knack for making great music might enter high into the worldwide ranking of the popular composers.

What surprised me about this app is the speed at which it runs, which is flawless considering the amount of data stored with the software. For those of you who ignore the detailed step-by-step guide (like me!) will find that this app is simple and user-friendly. For any of you who use Garageband or Logic, or remember the software Dance or Hiphop EJay, will find this bringing back many memories.

App posted 29th October 2010, Produced by Little Worlds Studio, £0.59.

120 BPM - Little Worlds Studio


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