Bump: Share Your Details, Immediately!

Bump: Share Your Details, Immediately!


bump iphone app review

Have you ever met someone who you really wanted to stay in touch with, but you simply didn’t have time to get their contact details down on paper? Well, with Bump, sharing phone numbers, email addresses, photos and much more is now as easy as simply ‘bumping’ phones! With the Bump app, all you need to do is hold your phone against another Bump user and you can immediately begin messaging each other, sharing texts, contact details and even music files with any of your Bump friends. Once you have the app, you can also share your location with other ‘Bumpers’, meaning that you can actually meet up in person and progress your relationship further than just a virtual one!


  1. I recently downloaded the app on both my iPod Touch and Android. I think it’s pretty awesome because I can share photos and other information between my devices as well as with others.

    The only flaw I can find with the system is the concept of the bumping process. I noticed that I can’t actually bump my android against my iTouch because the iTouch is more sensitive and picks up the bump while my android does not. I got the process to work by shaking the android after bumping it against the touch.

    The flaw is that some devices are more sensitive to motion than others, so as this app spreads out cross platform, they need to take into consideration the fact that people may want to use the app with other devices rather than just iPhone to iPhone and that iPhones are more sensitive to motion than lets say an HTC Wildfire S.

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