iShoes & iBags:A Woman’s Paradise!

iShoes & iBags:A Woman’s Paradise!

iShoes iPhone App Review
Two for one Ladies....Bargain!

You’ve all heard the saying ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ which is absolutely true but let’s not forget about our many others including…!!!! Most men struggle to understand a woman’s obsession with shoes and handbags but the developers of iShoes and iBags have certainly figured it out!

These two apps go together like the sand and the sea, like salt and pepper, and like the iPad 2 and Smart Cover. They were made for each other! I’m sure every lady reading this will agree that along with a gorgeous pair of shoes goes an equally gorgeous matching handbag.

These two apps allow users to search through a vast selection of shoes and bags by easily scrolling through the many items available. Users can also narrow down their search by selecting a specific style of shoe or bag and also by choosing to view items from the extensive list of Designers available.

ibags iphone app review

Once an item has been selected, relevant product details are available including the price in Dollars and the relevant links to the retailer websites. Users can then add their item to a favourites list and be alerted when their chosen item goes on sale. Users can also choose to share the items on Facebook, buy items from the retailer websites and create a wish list of their items. If your home currency is not Dollars, I would then recommend downloading a currency converter app like ‘Travel Money Monkey’ as you will definitely be tempted to browse and buy from the large selection of shoes and bags available.

It would be an ideal update if prices were shown in UK pounds and Euro’s and if items could also be directed to UK retailer websites. Never the less, these are still two amazing apps for all fashion addicts and highly recommended!


  1. A girl can never have enough shoes… oh but these shoes don’t match the dress… Darn! I’ll buy another pair… We do this without a second thought.

    I’ll check this out and pray they do size 35; an approx 2.5 uk- so hard to find fab shoes for little feet.

    Thanks for great review xxx

  2. Thanks for you comment Christina. I hope you get to find some lovely shoes in your small size.
    Now there’s an idea for new apps if any developers are reading…
    Good luck!


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