Find My iPhone: Where Did It Go? There It Is!

Find My iPhone: Where Did It Go? There It Is!


Find my iPhone iPhone App Review

When you recover a lost item, there’s always someone who says ‘It’s always in the last place you look’; I always feel like saying, ‘Well, obviously!’, however if you lose your iPhone and you can’t find it, then this can be a real pain, no matter how many ‘last places’ there are that you look. Find My iPhone is an incredibly useful app for the absent minded, as it uses Google Maps and Mobile Me technology to recover lost iPhones. If you do happen to lose your iPhone then all you have to do is get another iOS device, such as another iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and enter your Apple ID and password and it will show you your iPhone’s location on a map. You then have the option to display a message or a sound on the iPhone, or wipe the data from it if you don’t think that you can recover it. This really is a very sensible app to install, especially as it’s a freebie.


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