BULK – Workout & Meal Planner App That Can Help You Gain...

BULK – Workout & Meal Planner App That Can Help You Gain Lean Muscle Mass and Weight in a Smart Way


There are thousands of apps on the App Store that enable you to lose weight with various features like meal plans, workout programs, tips etc. However, rarely you will find an app like BULK. This innovative app offers you great set of workout and meal planning features that are customized to your goal to gain weight or muscle.

How to use BULK

Once you open the app you need to pass through a lengthy registration process. However, be patient, this registration process is needed so the app can suggest precise workout and meal plans for your weight gaining goal. So it’s pretty important to leave the details about current and goal weight, height, body fat percentage, activity, preferred days of workout and so on.

Once you complete the registration process the app then suggests you work out plans which are tailored to your goal but also for the body part you want to gain muscle for (example chest, biceps, triceps). The beauty of these plans is that BULK has gif animations and descriptions explaining each exercise.

Meal Planning and Recipes

The key feature of the app is the custom meal plans and suggested meals which are adjusted to your goals. The app serves as a great meal planner and diet tracker since you can track your daily calorie intake, your breakfast, lunch, dinner and more. Note that the meal plans are a feature that requires premium subscription. You will also get recipes, macro charts, food group distribution and more. At the end of the day, BULK is a handy app which may offer you progress if you look to gain in size and muscle. The app is available for iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch. It also has an Android version.


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