DrinkSelector makes those drunken decisions a little easier

DrinkSelector makes those drunken decisions a little easier


DrinkSelector 1.0 for iPhone makes those drunken decisions a little easier.

JPG Solutions Ltd launches DrinkSelector – a new app dedicated to selecting your next beverage. Simply shake (or tap) your iPhone and a new drink will appear on your screen. Yes, you’ll look a little odd in busy night clubs, but this could take drinking games to a whole new level.

JPG are branding this ‘a party app’ and it’s sure to be more fun when amongst friends.

The novelty of iPhones making your food and drink decisions is not a rarity in apps. Many are entertaining, particularly TopTable but DrinkSelector is short-lived.

The drink selection is the problem here. While the app boasts there are 30 choices available, you’ll soon realise this is limited. However, you can stretch out the fun by adding your favourites in the ‘custom’ page, making it more personal.

Now, tailoring the choices subject to availability in each bar would have been impossible but new combinations and cocktails would’ve made the anticipation experience more exciting. This is after all the whole point of DrinkSelector.

The interface is user friendly but it screams artistic laziness. The same backdrop for all four pages sums up the whole app. Limited. You’ll even loose the pictures for each individual drink once you start building your customised list.

Initially it’s quite fun but more options are needed for it to remain a permanent app on your iPhone. Separate menus for different occasions maybe? Still, it’s sure to create some laughs and will kick-start your nights out.


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