5 Best Apps and Software for Construction Managers

5 Best Apps and Software for Construction Managers


Are you planning to run a construction company? If Yes! Then be sure you are aware of construction management software that assists to complete your projects in a well-organized manner. Construction management software helps in yielding more productivity. These apps and software manage all details of the project starting from materials to project cost and completion. You will even be able to control your costs and access your constructional risks with them. We are clubbing the best apps and software to help you run your business more efficiently.

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1.       Procore

Procore is a cloud-based application for the construction business. It helps in increasing the project’s efficiency by listening to customers issues, providing easy solutions and ensuring that clients are using products immediately. Managing multiple projects is an easy task with Procore. You can view your construction drawing and specification management standards of the project on this app. Procore allows you to control your project from any mobile, desktop, tablet or laptop that is connected to the internet. Being the most widely used construction platform, it maximizes your profit with its tools that improve the quality and safety of the whole process.

2.       CoConstruct

CoConstruct is the highest rated software for custom home builders and remodelers. It is a reliable platform that coordinates your projects, communicates with your clients and controls the finances of the business. The cloud-based app is compatible with all android devices, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It can hold small to medium sized custom building constructions.

3.       BuilderTrend

BuilderTrend is designed for builders, remodelers and contractors. On a single platform, this cloud-based app brings the whole building world together. The software communicates, collaborates and documents your projects. It is equipped with a pre-sale process with CRM, proposals and bid requests. The project management tool helps you to work from the office or the job site. It also includes scheduling and setting budgets of the project.

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4.       PlanGrid

PlanGrid is simple construction software that meets all constructional needs. It gives you access to publish your drawings on a cloud server for sharing with your team members. As the software also keeps the record of the older versions of drawings, so it gives you an alert when you are viewing an older illustration. More than 1 million projects from long roads to tallest buildings are built with the use of PlanGrid. It is a trusted platform for big contractors and architects.

5.       e-Builder

Give your project a success with the e-Builder construction management program. It is a complete solution for managing your projects cost, documents, and schedule. This cloud-based program helps in saving time and money by managing your projects from planning to designing and through all the construction process. To make better decisions, it provides you with a complete database of the project. Managing multiple projects for monitoring all stages of development is easy with e-Builder. It serves many industries and has solutions that fit the organization’s specific needs.


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