Project Plan + : Be A Project Manager With Your iPhone (Sponsored)

Project Plan + : Be A Project Manager With Your iPhone (Sponsored)


Project Plan iPhone App Review
Being a project manager is a dream job for a lot of people, with a huge amount of responsibility and a big payoff at the end; however, this can come with a lot of stress and hassle and if you’re not careful then things can get on top of you very quickly.

Well, if you’ve had your fair share of hassle and want to take a load of your shoulders then check out the new version of Project Plan + (v1.1), a fantastic new tool for iPhone users who want to stay on top of their game when it comes to work. Essentially, Project Plan + allows users to enter detailed project notes for each stage of development for any project that you may be working on, then use the in-built Dropbox feature or email to pass it around your colleagues via a PDF.

Import your latest projects directly from Dropbox.

What’s really useful about the app is that you can carefully document each part of the process in the step-by-step guide that talks you through each element with a titled sheet for each section. For example, the first step is ‘Need’, in which you identify and qualify the need for each step in the planning process, justifying each part and also clarifies what the end result will achieve.

The great thing about Project Plan + is its versatility; you can apply it to anything from building a garden shed to the planning, preparing and execution of a party, fundraiser or new business venture. When you break any project down to brass tacks, there lies within them a similar thread of planning, preparation and actually carrying out the actions, along wit the demarcation of tasks and responsibilities. Project Plan + helps with all of these issues by splitting them into manageable steps and letting you work out which ones are the most important, which ones need work, etc.

Send your projects directly to colleagues or to your own home computer.

There is also an in app purchase that allows you to exports a Project Plan + formatted .xml file to Dropbox, which I think is well worth the extra expenditure, although if you don’t want to take this option, the importing feature is free; you also only need to buy one upgrade for multiple i-devices on the same iTunes account.


Project Plan + is an essential app for any businessperson who wants to share ideas in a simple, clear format with colleagues on a regular basis; it’s also pretty handy for people who just want to share ideas on personal projects with other iPhone users; totally worth the 99 cents.


  • Slick interface and sharp usability makes the app a pleasure to use.
  • You can schedule all sorts of events and ideas within the app, then view them in a clear and concise PDF format.
  • For less than a dollar, you can save thousands in secretarial salaries over the year.
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