Beauty Check: Measure How Hot You Are!

Beauty Check: Measure How Hot You Are!


Beauty Check iPhone App Review
For anyone who needs their confidence taking down a peg or two, get this app! Beauty Check rates your appearance on a scale of 1 to 10 by lining up markers on a photograph to determine where your eyes, ears, chin etc are in relation to each other; you can take a photo of yourself or choose from your library of images or Facebook shots, (great if you have a dodgy picture of your partner’s ex!), and start your rating!

Based on a mathematical formula, (I’m not sure just how scientific this is, however), you can calculate your exact attractiveness, then compare it with other pictures, or see how you rank amongst celebrities! Angelina Jolie is number 1 at 9.3/10, with Johnny Depp following at a close second at 9.2…good luck!

Pros: I suppose it could be fun to waste some time with some friends…provided that you are all really hot.

Cons: You could give the $0.99 to charity and make the world a better, less vain place.


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